Last Friday, Adams Stepner Partner, Lee Metzger, and Associate, Olivia Amlung, spent the afternoon educating high school seniors at Gallatin County High School about the basic rights and responsibilities that accompany becoming an adult. The U@18 Program, sponsored by the Kentucky Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division, seeks to prepare program Kentucky’s 18-year olds for the transition to adulthood. The program involves a one-hour presentation by a young lawyer in a high school classroom and touches on various legal issues that face young adults. Such issues include, but are not limited to, one’s basic rights and responsibilities as a renter, consumer, property owner, voter, spouse, and employee.

For more information on the U@18 Program, please visit the Kentucky Bar Association YLD website at and select “U@18” under the “Projects” tab. To request a presentation at your school, or to volunteer as a presenter, contact Lee Metzger at or