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23 Sep

Does Your City Have A Sidewalk Plan?

By |September 23rd, 2019|Firm Blog, News and Updates|

Hidden in Shel Silverstein’s children’s book, Where the Sidewalk Ends,  there is a dire warning:  “If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can, just ain’t enough”.

Among the myriad of actions undertaken by a City Council in the course of the year, the development and implementation of a sidewalk plan is […]

11 Oct

FCC Co-Opts City Streets And Sidewalks For Wireless Cell Carriers

By |October 11th, 2018|Firm Blog|

The giant footfalls of the FCC have shattered local control of neighborhoods, streets, and sidewalks, heralding a seismic transformation of cities from Main Street, USA to Westworld, USA.  With the ruling entered on September 26, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission has upended city control of local rights of ways.  Now cities must quickly approve or […]