Workers’ Compensation

The attorneys in the firm’s Litigation Practice Group have represented thousands of individuals in the pursuit of Kentucky workers’ compensation claims after suffering injuries at work. Our attorneys have years of experience representing the workers’ compensation insurance carriers, which gives us a unique advantage when determining the best way to fight for your claim. With over 100 years of experience, we know how to get the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to.

Unfortunately, too many workers’ compensation insurance carriers fail to provide even the most basic workers’ compensation benefits, including reasonable and necessary medical care. If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to necessary medical treatment at no cost whatsoever to you.

Additionally, many injured workers are entitled to lost wage benefits yet they never receive those benefits because they do not even know that they are entitled to them. Our workers compensation attorneys in Kentucky will fight for your right to get the medical treatment and lost wage benefits that you deserve. We are also very aggressive when fighting for important permanent disability benefits, which injured workers are often entitled to as a result of the permanent impairment of their ability to earn income.

Finally, navigating your way through the complicated workers’ compensation process can be difficult, confusing and scary. Our workers compensation attorneys know this and are dedicated to working side-by-side with you, keeping you informed of the status of your claim, and answering any questions that come up during the process. The combination of our commitment to work closely with our clients to understand every detail of the case and our experience in handling workers’ compensation claims make us uniquely qualified to fight and maximize your workers’ compensation benefits.

If you have been injured while at work in Kentucky, and need an attorney that has workers’ compensation experience, please call Adams, Stepner, Woltermann & Dusing.